Company Vision

Company Vision

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Along with industry needs, Khavar Sanat Homa Co. aims:

  • – To be among top three steel and stainless steel furniture tube and profile manufacturers in the region.
  • – To develop our stainless steel products’ range by considering the target market needs.
  • – To be among top five companies in seamless stainless steel tube production industry in next five years. – To capture over 35% of market share in the region in next 10 years.

khavar sanat home .co established in 1998 in an area of 7000 m^2 with only one mill aims to producing all kinds of steel furniture tube and profiles. Through its experienced and experienced staff, the company has been a pioneer in the steel industry for many years.

Today Khavar Sanat Homa Co. has 16 Steel production lines, 3 stainless steel production lines, 6 cutting machines and 3 cut to length lines in an area of 40000 m^2 which capable to produce all kinds of pipes from size of 10 to 76 mm and thickness of 0.3 to 2 mm. Our profile product sizes are from 10*10 to 40*80 mm in same thickness range. Moreover, this company has been launched its stainless steel product line with capacity of manufacturing 20000 MT tube and profiles annually.

Khavar Sanat Homa Company has been able to export its products to neighboring countries due to customer-oriented concepts and supply of products with competitive price and quality This approach, in addition to the production boom, has led to the valuation and employment of the company in line with production protection policies.

We are proud of being pioneer in furniture steel industry and we will constantly upgrade our products to meet market expectations and demands Our main focus is ensuring complete customer satisfaction via procuring all sizes of steel and stainless steel furniture tube and profile. At Khavar Sanat Homa Co. our strengths lie in our skilled and experienced personnel. This key factor of our business promotes our mission statement: “Manufacturing of high quality

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